What is the Hyaluron Pen?

A new entry onto the market

The last few years have seen a flood of new products enter the market. The beauty industry is no exception, with countless new gadgets and creams, all promising different things. Permanent makeup experts like those at Dermagrafix specialize in cosmetic tattooing eyebrows, lips, scalps, and more. Products designed for lip fillers have also flourished, with people willing to do just about anything for a pouty new smile.

From collagen injections, to plumping lip glosses, there has been no shortage of methods to choose from. It can be hard to guess what will work and what won’t, so many people use as many products as possible in their attempt to achieve fuller lips. The invention of the hyaluron has effectively turned this part of the beauty industry on its head.

A lip treatment 

The hyaluron pen is a new lip treatment. Its main claim to fame is that it does not require the use of a needle. Gone are the days of lip fillers that rely on the repeated use of needles to prick the lips and fill them with collagen.

Where there used to be pain, there is now hardly any feeling. During the treatment, many clients claimed to feel no pain or discomfort. People hoping for a new look don’t have to worry about numbing creams or ibuprofen to lessen their discomfort during the treatment.

In addition to the hyaluron pen being less painful than previous procedures, it is also less dangerous. With typical injections, there is a slight risk of occlusions occurring, along with slight bleeding. Because there’s no needle going into the skin, these reactions are impossible.

Hyaluronic acid

We owe a lot to hyaluronic acid. It’s a sugar used by the body to keep our skin hydrated. When we’re younger, our bodies provide a lot of hyaluronic acid. When we get older, our bodies provide less and less. In turn, we lose elasticity, our skin begins to look saggy, and wrinkles form.

What may be the best feature of the hyaluronic pen is its safety to the body. The human body already produces hyaluronic acid, and therefore cannot have an allergic reaction to it. All in all, the hyaluron pen seems like the obvious way to go when it comes to lip fillers.

Other cosmetic uses

While the hyaluron pen is most often used as a lip treatment, it has other cosmetic functions. It can be used to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, notably the ones around the forehead area. This makes an appointment with a hyaluron pen technician so sought-after. It seems like this pen can do it all!

Why haven’t I heard of the hyaluron pen yet?

This is an incredibly new cosmetic process. Although it’s quickly gaining popularity, it still has a long way to go before it is a completely mainstream tool to use.

Something that is sure to entice people is the cost. The hyaluron pen is often viewed as a more affordable alternative to expensive lip fillers. Many people are satisfied after just one session with the hyaluron pen, saving them valuable time and money down the road. 

How to Embrace Hair Loss

For some, hair loss is simply inevitable. No matter how many solutions you’ve tried, you just can’t seem to get your hairline looking full again. In this instance, the best thing to do is to learn to embrace your hair loss.

Of course, this can be easier said than done. Many of us connect our identity to our hair, and take a lot of pride in keeping a nicely manicured mane. Losing our hair can lead to a plummet in self-esteem, and in turn, a plummet in our identity.

When you’re ready, learn more about embracing your hair loss below.

Go to Counseling
For those experiencing a huge hit to their self-esteem as a result of losing their hair, counseling may prove to be a helpful resource. A counselor can help you base your self-esteem on something other than your personal appearance, as many people struggle with that very same issue. Having a counselor in your corner is also beneficial as it gives you a neutral, third-party to speak to about what you’re feeling, so that you can get good advice without having to constantly speak to friends and family about your struggles.

Celebrate the Baldness
Being bald doesn’t mean that you are no longer attractive — in fact, there are several bald men that are considered some of the sexiest men of all time. Examples include legendary basketball star Michael Jordan, British actor Sean Connery (who was named the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine in 1989 and “Sexiest Man of the Century” in 1999), as well as iconic rapper LL Cool J. The successful lives and careers of these men have shown that being bald certainly doesn’t have to hold you back.

Shave Your Head
Going into the deep end and shaving your head is one way to embrace your baldness. And for many, it may look better than having patches of baldness interspersed between full patches of hair. Today, many people are choosing to shave their heads even if they aren’t going bald, as a bald head has become a fashion statement.

If you are worried about the hair not growing back and aren’t completely comfortable going completely bald just yet, you can ease your way into it The pigmentation artists at Simply Scalp use an innovative new way to replicate hair follicles called scalp micropigmentation. With this new technique, a technician will apply pigments to your head to make it look like hair is beginning to grow back after you shave your head. If this option sounds appealing to you, click here to view more.

Avoid Mirrors
This sounds a bit silly, but one easy way to get rid of your anxiety about losing your hair is to limit your access to mirrors. We don’t realize it, but we tend to spend a lot of time looking at ourselves and criticizing our appearance when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Limiting your exposure to mirrors will allow you to avoid criticizing the way you look, especially when you’re just getting used to loving yourself with your new style.

Keratin Treatments and Hair Loss

There is no doubt that Keratin treatments can be beneficial for those who struggle with difficult to manage, curly hair. However, most people don’t realize the impact that these treatments can have on the overall health and longevity of the hair.

Whether you’re an avid user of Keratin treatments or have never even heard of the procedure before, keep reading. You might just learn something that can help save your hair.

What is a Keratin Treatment?

During a keratin treatment, chemicals are applied to the hair in order to make it smooth and get rid of curls. You may have heard of keratin hair treatments referred to as Brazilian hair treatments. No matter what you call the treatment, many find it attractive because it leaves the hair much smoother and shinier than it was before the treatment.

Why is it bad for your hair?

You might be asking yourself why Keratin treatments are so bad for your hair. The ingredients involved in the chemical solution applied to the hair and the heat that is required to cement the chemicals to the hair follicles are damaging to your strands of hair. In fact, ironically, the Keratin treatment process can rid the hair follicles of their naturally occurring keratin, leading to hair loss.

What to Do

The first thing you should do is stop keratin treatments. While it may be nice to have smooth and silky hair, the damage to your hair is far too great. What is the point of having nice hair if it all falls out?

A unique solution to your hair thinning is scalp micropigmentation. With this treatment, a technician will fill in the patches on your head with micro-pigments, similar to tattooing. However, many people do not find it to be as painful. Read more here at

Why You Should Consider Microblading Your Eyebrows

When permanent makeup was first introduced to the beauty community, makeup experts and beginners alike were skeptical. Tattooing makeup? It seemed way too permanent and risky. Flash forward just a few years later and permanent makeup has proved itself to be one of the greatest additions to the makeup industry.

One of the most beloved permanent makeup services is microblading. Check out the following reasons why you should get your eyebrows microbladed:

It Saves You Time

Every makeup lover knows that perfect eyebrows are important because they frame the face. Every makeup lover also knows that perfect eyebrows take a long time to sculpt each day. Save time in your makeup routine by getting permanent, sculpted eyebrows that you don’t have to waste time filling in.

It Saves You Money

Think how much you spend on eyebrow pencils, pomades, and gels each year. Microblading is an investment that will allow you to avoid the constant expenses that come with eyebrow maintenance.

Skip Your Worries About Eyebrow Shape/Evenness

Filling in the eyebrows is stressful. Not only do you have to select the right color for your skin tone, but you have to make sure that the eyebrow shape is suitable for face. You also have to make sure the eyebrows are even with one another. Leave that to the experts at companies that offer microblading services, such as DC Micro.

Perfect Brows 24/7

One of the best parts of microblading is that you’ll have beautiful brows even when you aren’t wearing other forms of makeup. Even when at the gym or making a quick run to the grocery store, everyone will be wondering how you were born with such amazing eyebrows. Don’t just take my word for it — commit and try microblading today! Your brows will thank you.

Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Odd food cravings, morning sickness, and frequent urination are some of the well-known side effects of pregnancy. A less discussed phenomenon during pregnancy is hair loss. After experiencing hair loss, many women find it difficult to deal with their new thinning hair, and turn to options topical creams or SMP by a company like Rockstar Ink to solve their issue.

The best way to Keep reading to learn more about hair loss during pregnancy and ways to combat it.

Causes of Hair Loss During Pregnancy

There are a host of reasons why hair loss may occur during pregnancy:

  • Changes in Hormones

The hormones are rapidly adjusting during pregnancy to support the child. These adjustments are often very dramatic and prompt a condition called telogen effluvium, which puts hairs on your head in the resting phase of the hair cycle. During the resting phase, hairs are more prone to shedding during hairbrushing or showering. This hair loss isn’t permanent, however, and will take a few months to become noticeable.

  • Health Issues

Many women experience a wide variety of health issues during their pregnancy, such as issues with their thyroid or iron deficiencies. These conditions, along with others, are known to accelerate hair loss. Talk with your doctor about getting a blood test done to see if your hair loss is a result of any of these problems.

  • Drop in Estrogen Levels

For women who have just given birth, levels of estrogen drop dramatically. Estrogen helps promote hair growth, so you may notice your hair thinning in the months after delivery. This is largely the explanation for postpartum hair loss. Losing hair can result in a massive drop in confidence. If you’re losing hair as a result of your pregnancy, you may consider trying out topical treatment or pills which can facilitate hair growth.  You can also use scalp micropigmentation services like Team Micro which can provide a more immediate solution by making your hair appear more dense and full. No matter what option you choose, hair loss will be a thing of the past.