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How to Embrace Hair Loss

For some, hair loss is simply inevitable. No matter how many solutions you’ve tried, you just can’t seem to get your hairline looking full again. In this instance, the best thing to do is to learn to embrace your hair loss.

Of course, this can be easier said than done. Many of us connect our identity to our hair, and take a lot of pride in keeping a nicely manicured mane. Losing our hair can lead to a plummet in self-esteem, and in turn, a plummet in our identity.

When you’re ready, learn more about embracing your hair loss below.

Go to Counseling
For those experiencing a huge hit to their self-esteem as a result of losing their hair, counseling may prove to be a helpful resource. A counselor can help you base your self-esteem on something other than your personal appearance, as many people struggle with that very same issue. Having a counselor in your corner is also beneficial as it gives you a neutral, third-party to speak to about what you’re feeling, so that you can get good advice without having to constantly speak to friends and family about your struggles.

Celebrate the Baldness
Being bald doesn’t mean that you are no longer attractive — in fact, there are several bald men that are considered some of the sexiest men of all time. Examples include legendary basketball star Michael Jordan, British actor Sean Connery (who was named the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine in 1989 and “Sexiest Man of the Century” in 1999), as well as iconic rapper LL Cool J. The successful lives and careers of these men have shown that being bald certainly doesn’t have to hold you back.

Shave Your Head
Going into the deep end and shaving your head is one way to embrace your baldness. And for many, it may look better than having patches of baldness interspersed between full patches of hair. Today, many people are choosing to shave their heads even if they aren’t going bald, as a bald head has become a fashion statement.

If you are worried about the  hair not growing back and aren’t completely comfortable going completely bald just yet, you can ease your way into it. One way to do so is through scalp micropigmentation. With this new technique, a technician will apply pigments to your head to make it look like hair is beginning to grow back after you shave your head. If this option sounds appealing to you, click here to view more.

Avoid Mirrors
This sounds a bit silly, but one easy way to get rid of your anxiety about losing your hair is to limit your access to mirrors. We don’t realize it, but we tend to spend a lot of time looking at ourselves and criticizing our appearance when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Limiting your exposure to mirrors will allow you to avoid criticizing the way you look, especially when you’re just getting used to loving yourself with your new style.