What is the Hyaluron Pen?

A new entry onto the market

The last few years have seen a flood of new products enter the market. The beauty industry is no exception, with countless new gadgets and creams, all promising different things. Permanent makeup experts like those at Dermagrafix specialize in cosmetic tattooing eyebrows, lips, scalps, and more. Products designed for lip fillers have also flourished, with people willing to do just about anything for a pouty new smile.

From collagen injections, to plumping lip glosses, there has been no shortage of methods to choose from. It can be hard to guess what will work and what won’t, so many people use as many products as possible in their attempt to achieve fuller lips. The invention of the hyaluron has effectively turned this part of the beauty industry on its head.

A lip treatment 

The hyaluron pen is a new lip treatment. Its main claim to fame is that it does not require the use of a needle. Gone are the days of lip fillers that rely on the repeated use of needles to prick the lips and fill them with collagen.

Where there used to be pain, there is now hardly any feeling. During the treatment, many clients claimed to feel no pain or discomfort. People hoping for a new look don’t have to worry about numbing creams or ibuprofen to lessen their discomfort during the treatment.

In addition to the hyaluron pen being less painful than previous procedures, it is also less dangerous. With typical injections, there is a slight risk of occlusions occurring, along with slight bleeding. Because there’s no needle going into the skin, these reactions are impossible.

Hyaluronic acid

We owe a lot to hyaluronic acid. It’s a sugar used by the body to keep our skin hydrated. When we’re younger, our bodies provide a lot of hyaluronic acid. When we get older, our bodies provide less and less. In turn, we lose elasticity, our skin begins to look saggy, and wrinkles form.

What may be the best feature of the hyaluronic pen is its safety to the body. The human body already produces hyaluronic acid, and therefore cannot have an allergic reaction to it. All in all, the hyaluron pen seems like the obvious way to go when it comes to lip fillers.

Other cosmetic uses

While the hyaluron pen is most often used as a lip treatment, it has other cosmetic functions. It can be used to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, notably the ones around the forehead area. This makes an appointment with a hyaluron pen technician so sought-after. It seems like this pen can do it all!

Why haven’t I heard of the hyaluron pen yet?

This is an incredibly new cosmetic process. Although it’s quickly gaining popularity, it still has a long way to go before it is a completely mainstream tool to use.

Something that is sure to entice people is the cost. The hyaluron pen is often viewed as a more affordable alternative to expensive lip fillers. Many people are satisfied after just one session with the hyaluron pen, saving them valuable time and money down the road. 

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